Afro-Brazilian Drums and Percussion Workshops

From samba and African to reggae and contemporary percussion enhance your drumming skills whatever your age, ability or style!

Watch a performance by a group of year 6s here. 

Watch a workshop here. 

The workshops are designed to give children, young people and adults an introduction to samba / samba reggae drumming, African Drumming and percussion as well as enhance a range of personal and social skills.

The music comes from Brazil, from the areas of Salvador and Rio. West African, from Gambia, Senegal and Guinea. The workshops are excellent for developing team work, group dynamics, confidence building and introducing young people to a different culture. Workshops can cater for 5 to 35 young people using drums from Brazil, Surdu’s (large bass drums), Caixa (snare), Repenique (small singular timbale), Tambourines, Bells and Shakers.

Drums from Africa. Djembe, Dundun, Sanbang and Kenkeni. In many cases the workshops are a combination of both styles.


Self-confidence comes from performing a piece of music at the end of a session, breaking down barriers between young people different cultures. The young people will have the opportunity to showcase their work in front of their peers or at a function within their community. This improves the image of young people within their community. Young people gain musical skills and interest in different art forms, music, dance and performing arts. Percussion workshops are easily accessible to people with learning difficulties and disabilities. No barriers of language or culture are likely to prevent people from participating. In fact this music is likely to appeal to groups often excluded from other arts provision.


I am a professional percussionist with over twenty years of Samba and African drumming workshop delivery. I have worked with communities and young people in schools, youth clubs and community settings. I was a member of the Birmingham Samba School and Birmingham Afro-Bloc. In 2002 and 2003 I visited Brazil and performed in the Salvador Carnival. This was assisted with funding from the Arts Councils Creative Ambitions Award to further my professional development and gain more skills.

More recently in December 2012 I went to Gambia and Senegal to be taught by Master drummers within their community to learn more about drumming and West African culture. I continue to learn in the UK as I work and perform with ACE Dance and Music along side invited Master drummers.

I am also a fully qualified Youth, Community and Play worker, with a B. Phil Ed in Youth & Community Studies.

The workshops last between 1 to 6 hours depending on the requirements of the organisation. All the instruments are provided and an introduction of the art form is given with a demonstration of each instrument. The young people are taught a basic rhythm. The emphasis is on the importance of teamwork and listening to each other to get the over all sound and create good music. Finally, participants perform their work infront of their peers or local community. I can also offer more advanced workshops to those young people who would like to learn more.

The first session will normally be an introduction to the music. Then a brief talk on the history and its origins, followed by a demonstration of all the instruments. Then the hands on learning starts with call and response exercises. The musical development will then depend on how long the project is for. It is always possible to create at least one rhythm by the end of one session. There are hundreds of rhythms and the performance will always depend on regular access to learning and rehearsing. Basically the more access you get to this music the tighter and more complex it gets.


Workshops are designed for schools, community groups, afteEncountro 012r-school clubs, youth organisations and businesses.

Bookings can be 1 hour to 1 and a half hours @ £150

Half a day up to 3 and a half hours @ £200

Whole day up to 7 hours @ £375

Work outside Birmingham will add extra expenses for travel, accommodation and food (if appropriate).

Prices can vary in accordance to requirements. For bookings or more information, please call 07958 642 437. Or email